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A Complete Guide to the Juicing of Fruits and Vegetable of Maximum Health and Vitality

Author: Stephen Blauer

Foreward by: Bernard Jensen

Pages: 164

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For centuries, the world’s greatest civilizations hâve known about the importance of fresh juice derived from fruits and vegetables. They have used juices to retain health, restore vigor, and overcome illness.
Only in the last thirty years, with the advent of refined commercial juices, has the value of juices declined. Relegated to the status of soft drinks, the majority of bottled and canned juices available today offer
very little benefit to the consumer.

Now, Stephen Blauer, co-author of The Macrobiotic Way, has written this informative and lively book telling people just how important fresh juices can be. The Juicing Book is the complete guide to using juices to maximize your health and vitality. The author offers up-to-date information on the value of juices in relationship to your body’s needs; explains the diffeérences between commercially grown and organically grown produce; and provides easy-to-follow techniques for ridding fruits and vegetables of herbicides and pesticides. Also included are delicious recipes, comprehensive charts, and detailed instructions on using various juicing equipment.

The Juicing Book shows you just how you can get the most nutritional value from apples to zucchini—and practically everything in-between.

About the Author

Stephen Blauer attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. After graduation, he traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East observing the differences in cultures as they relate to health. Upon returning to the United States, Stephen joined the staff of the famed Hippocrates Health Institute of Boston working under its founder Ann Wigmore. He served as director of the institute for two years.

Since leaving the institute, Stephen has continued to travel, observe, and learn. He has written five books in the field of wholistic health, and has coauthored the best-seller The Macrobiotic Way.

Stephen and his family currently reside in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts.


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