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DVD  που περιέχει το βιβλίο σε μορφή PDF και κείμενα αρχαίων Ελλήνων συγγραφέων με τις αναφορές τους στο χορό στα αγγλικά.

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The subject of our research is the collective study – by researchers, artists and scientists – of the historical and philosophical impact of ancient Greek dance culture in contemporary civilization, by reference to History, Archaeology, Philosophy and Philology and other disciplines; and apply further the results of this research to the promotion of contemporary theatre and dance in the context of international interest for the realization of new artistic forms.
This research has both a theoretical and practical aspect and aims at the enrichment of the list of the historical and cultural documents and scientific surveys that have already been realized. On the other hand, our team has been assessing all the given results of previous research in this area of scientific interest, as well as of the written documents (historical, philological, religious and political) about the ancient Greek heritage more generally. It also has an educational and artistic aspect and concerns the development of knowledge of young researchers, teachers, young people and the wide public on the area of ancient Greek dance. More specifically the
creative team consisting of Greek, Polish and international artists, students and researchers in the area of artistic practice proceeds in the production of original works promoting Greek cultural products in dance and theatre to the Greek and international audience.
Artistic work is using progressive and new technological means so that it will approve the connection between ancient – traditional and contemporary artistic production and research. In order to achieve this goal we have attempted to elaborate and work practically on the specific dancing movements on the basis of information provided by text descriptions and vase representations or statues as well as the artistic presentation of patterns of ancient Greek movement, comparatively with correspondent dance and musical forms from contemporary or traditional source.

Κείμενα στα αγγλικά από αρχαίους συγγραφείς όπως:
Aeschylus, Eumenidai, Prometheus Bound, Persae, Suppliants
Aristophanes, Clouds, Lysistrata, Knights, Frogs, Wasps, Peace
Aristotle, Poetica, Arts Rhetorica
Athenaeus, Callimachus Hymn To Artemis
Euripides Andromache, Anth. Pab. Bacchae, Hecuba, Heraclidae, Iphigeneia,
Auli. Iphig. Taurians, Kyklops,
Heraklitus frag. B 15,
Hesiod, Theogony, Homeric
Hymns, Homer, Iliad, Nonnus,
Dionysiaca, Pausanias,
Plato Euthydemus, Republic, Phaedrus, Laws
Plutarch Lives,
Plotinus, Enneads,
Xenophon Κyrou Αnavases

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